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Serving:   Lindale, Bullard, Mineola, Tyler, Van, Canton, Ben Wheeler and surrounding East Texas areas

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Septic systems are one the most important investments when it comes to owning your dream home.

Properly functioning septic systems ensure your health & safety by protecting against waterborne disease-causing pathogens in the water supply. An improperly installed or malfunctioning system  can lead to contamination by direct or indirect contact with standing sewage, groundwater contamination or surface water pollution. 

TCEQ Licensed Site Evaluator and Level II OSSF Installer. We can evaluate and install any type system based off of your soil requirements. 

We install aerobic septic systems and conventional septic systems:

  • Aerobic spray

  • Aerobic drip for those lake houses

  • Conventional with various field types

  • Low pressure doing 

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Commercial septic systems are one the most important investments to consider for your business and long term success. 

Some companies are intimidated with the complexity and size of a commercial job such as this 3,000 gallon a day system. C9 was called in to co-install this system at a new RV park in Central Texas. 7 tanks set and the 8 zones feed 1,300 feet of pvc and 3 miles of drip tube on a 3/4 acre drain field. C9 Septic & Irrigation can get those big jobs done. 

As a licensed Irrigator, you can rest knowing your system will be done right. We install new systems and offer repair or upgrades to existing systems correcting problems such as poor coverage, incorrect pressure. resulting in over- or under-watered areas. Protect your lawn, landscaping and home investment by having a properly installed sprinkler system. Incorrect spray coverage can cause damaged masonry veneers, mold, mildew, and pooling water near your home may also put your homes foundation at risk. 


Here are some of the jobs we perform:

  • New system design and installation

  • Drip irrigation systems

  • Sprinkler repair

  • Head replacement / Upgrades

  • Leaks / PVC breaks

  • Valve repair / replacement

  • Double check / cutoff valve

  • Controller repair / replacement

We can do everything from re-installing the majority of a system from the streets being widened, to maintaining sprinkler systems for H.O.A.s and hotels, as well as repairing irrigation for phone and electric companies.


Here are some jobs we perform:

  • New parking / Concrete reroutes

  • New Landscape Adjustments

  • Head replacement

  • Leaks / PVC breaks

  • Valve repair / replacement

  • Double check / cutoff valve

  • Controller repair / replacement


A Little About Us

Residential Septic Systems

Residential Irrigation

Commercial Irrigation


Commercial Septic Systems

It started as a dream to build a family business for many years, in 2019 the opportunity presented itself. God's grace and timing has allowed that dream to come true.

With over 20 years of senior management experience, working for large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi Power and GE Oil & Gas, has paved the way to a firm understanding of high quality work and the importance of customer service.

Education received through Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service and licensed through Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  Licensed Site Evaluator #OS35272, OSSF Installer II #OS35094, and Texas Licensed Irrigator #LI24351. 

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